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Poland's Syndrome Surgery in Houston, TX

For those suffering from the effects of Poland Syndrome, there are surgical reconstruction options for you here in Houston. At Look Younger, Dr. Leo Lapuerta is highly regarded for his extensive experience in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Read on for more information and reach out to schedule a personalized consultation.

What is Poland's Syndrome?

Poland Syndrome is a puzzling condition that starts before birth. It consists of deficient muscle and subcutaneous (under the skin) fat on one side of the body, usually the right side. There are conflicting claims as to whether it affects males more often than females.

Who was Sir Alfred Poland?

Poland Syndrome refers to a man, not a country — it got its moniker from Sir Alfred Poland, an English surgeon. Sir Poland first noticed and described the condition in 1841, when he was still in medical school. Although he did not do this alone, he was a unique and colorful individual, so his name has remained attached to the condition.

What Are the Symptoms of Poland Syndrome?

Poland Syndrome presents differently in each individual. In terms of day to day functioning, disability impacts are relatively mild. Many of our patients with this condition come to us in search of both cosmetic and reconstructive solutions.

The two definitive symptoms of Poland Syndrome are:

  1. Part of the pectoral chest muscles are missing
  2. The breast or nipple is underdeveloped

In addition, other symptoms may be present:

  • Neighboring muscle tissue may be missing, such as from rib muscle (serratus) and back muscle (latissimus dorsi, which you can feel if you extend your arms out sideways and rotate them)
  • There may be missing ribs
  • The shoulder bone (scapula) is small and elevated
  • The arm and hand are underdeveloped
  • The fingers on the affected side may be shortened and webbed
  • Underarm hair may be patchy or missing

It can be mild or severe, and mild cases may often go undiagnosed at least until the adult comes to get treatment. More severe cases are often diagnosed at birth or soon afterward. Chest X-rays and a CT scan can help in identifying which muscle tissue is affected.

What Causes Poland Syndrome?

Poland Syndrome is something which one is born with; it begins in utero. Though the cause is not established, Poland Syndrome appears to start during the sixth week of gestation, due to a disruption in blood flow (the subclavian artery). When this happens, reduced blood supply interferes with the development of the chest and arm areas. If the artery is blocked closer to the heart, the resulting condition is more severe. It is related to other conditions, namely Mobius syndrome and Klippel-feil syndrome, which develop when the artery is blocked in different areas.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery: Poland Syndrome

Dr. Lapuerta can examine a person with Poland Syndrome to assess surgical options. Surgical options may include reconstruction of the nipple and areola complex, tissue expansion, creation and placement of custom chest muscle implants, and placement of breast implants. Treatment can be done earlier for males as early as 13 years of age but in females, Dr. Lapuerta recommends postponing treatment until the breast development stage is finished. Then a silicon gel or saline breast implant can be used to create breast symmetry.

What Happens in a Poland Syndrome Surgery Correction?

If you are planning to undergo correction surgery for Poland Syndrome, you may wonder what it entails. Though the specifics about your procedure will depend on your unique history, health, and needs, it will always be a reconstructive surgical procedure. Depending on your needs, this treatment may require a rib graft.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

If you are considering options for the repair of any chest deformities associated with the congenital condition of Poland’s Syndrome, we might be able to help. Whether it is you or a loved one who is suffering from this condition, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will invite you to our clinic for a consultation, where we can discuss your options. Give us a call at (713) 489-0169 or book online to meet with Dr. Lapuerta to take your first step towards treating Poland’s Syndrome.

Poland's Syndrome Surgery FAQs

How Common is Poland Syndrome?
Poland syndrome is a rather rare illness, and professionals are not entirely sure of exactly how often it occurs. According to the Poland Syndrome website, the high end of the estimate suggests that one in 10,000 births result in this condition. However, the low end of this estimate suggests around one in 100,000 births.
How Much Does Poland Syndrome Reconstructive Surgery Cost?
Surgical costs are different from person to person, particularly with a condition as rare as Poland Syndrome. To know your actual projected quote will depend on the extent of your procedure. To get a clear estimate of your surgical costs, we recommend you speak with Dr. Lapuerta about your specific needs. We look forward to meeting you.
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