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Abdominal Etching in Houston, TX

If you’ve always wanted six-pack abs that you could show off but they were kept hidden no matter how much you work out, there are other ways to achieve those dreams:abdominal etching. This surgical procedure can help you gain the body you want with washboard abs.

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  • Aug 11, 2019
From the point that I scheduled my initial consultation, the staff has been amazing! I emailed Brandi, the patient consultant, back and forth with questions. She emailed me back promptly answering them each and every time. She was very helpful. During my initial consultation, Dr. Lapuerta and his nurse Jana took time to answer my questions and address my concerns. There was never any pressure from the staff to do more. Surgery went well and once again Dr. Lapuerta addressed any concerns I had before going into operation. I've had very few issues post OP but Dr. Lapuerta assured me that it was all ok. Jana, Dr. Lapuerta's nurse, has been amazing also. I emailed her quite often about my post op care and progress. She too emailed me back promptly. Everyone on Dr. Lapuerta's team shows a compassion toward his patients. They have helped me feel so much better about myself. Everyone has been so kind and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lapuerta for your needs.

What is Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching in Houston, TX is a surgical body contouring procedure that removes extra fat from around the waist, allowing your six-pack to show through. Many people can be fit and even at an ideal weight but still not have noticeable ab muscles and definition in the ab area. This procedure addresses that. 

The procedure is completed during an outpatient procedure. During the surgery, the doctor will use a microcannula to remove excess fat under the skin around the abs. Several tiny incisions are made around the abdomen. These minute incisions help reduce scarring and either remove fat or thin it and rearrange it to improve the contours of the abdominal muscles and the line that runs down the center of the stomach.

Preparation and Recovery Time for Abdominal Etching in Houston, TX

For this procedure, the doctor may recommend general anesthesia or a local anesthetic. Surgery duration is usually about an hour, followed by several hours of monitoring before a same-day release to continue recovery.

Following the procedure, be prepared for some swelling and bruising around the incision areas. The doctor will place a compression garment on the abs to be worn for three to six weeks. The first week of recovery requires limited activity, but within a week return to work is often possible.  About three weeks out from surgery, the doctor will likely allow you to begin light exercise. You will start to see results as the swelling goes down, with full effects becoming visible within six months. Scarring is minimal because the incisions are placed strategically to be less obvious. Incision lines will fade with time.

Risks with this procedure are minimal, but a few possible side effects do exist. They include:

  • – Damage to the nerves and blood vessels
  • – Discoloration of the skin
  • – Irregular healing
  • – Bumpy skin
  • – Swelling
  • – Fluid accumulation

However, these risks can be minimized when working with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Abdominal Etching in Houston, TX?

The ideal candidate for abdominal etching is someone who is in great shape because they have worked at diet and exercise to gain those six-pack abs. They should have less than 30 percent body fat but not be too thin, with healthy skin tone and muscle.  The person who wants to undergo this procedure should be healthy enough to handle general anesthesia if it is recommended. Results will vary by person based on their unique physique and response to the procedure.

What is the Cost for Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching costs will vary, depending on how much work needs to be done. It can vary from around $3,000 to $10,000, based on the person’s goals. You’ll also want to add in the cost for time off from work, which can range from 10 days to two weeks or longer if you are at a job that requires you to be standing, walking, or lifting heavy objects for part or all of the day.

Why Choose Abdominal Etching with Dr. Leo Lapuerta?

Consider liposuction with Dr. Leo Lapuerta when you want results from abdominal etching. While not as invasive as a tummy tuck or other plastic surgery options, this procedure requires the expertise of someone with many years of experience. Dr. Lapuerta is a triple-board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years caring for patients.

Schedule a free consultation to find out how ab etching can enhance the way you look and feel about your stomach and your body. 



  • Recovery Time
  • 1-3 Weeks
  • Average Procedure Time
  • 3-8 Hours
  • Post-op Follow-up
  • 1 Week
  • Procedure Recovery Location
  • In & Outpatient

Body Contouring FAQs

What is Body Contouring?
Body contouring surgery can reshape, tighten, and rejuvenate almost any area of the body, creating a newer, sleeker contour. In many cases, liposuction will be included during surgery. Common areas addressed include the neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, hips, buttocks, knees, and thighs.
How Many Body Contouring Procedures Are Involved in a Potential Surgery?
During the consultation, the surgeon will assess the overall physical health of the patient to determine what procedures should be performed, and how many in a single setting. Depending how many body parts will be addressed, as well as the extent of the surgeries, certain procedures will be grouped together. In many cases, the upper body will be addressed in one surgery and the lower in another. Staging the procedures helps to reduce the risk of complications such as blood loss and infection, as well as minimize the length of time it takes to recover.
When Should I Get Body Contouring After Weight Loss?
Body contouring is very common among weight loss patients. Patients who find it difficult to lose additional pounds because of loose and hanging skin can usually move forward with a skin reduction or body contouring procedure. This takes them over the “hump” and allows them to become more mobile which helps lose the final pounds. When embarking on this procedure, Dr. Lapuerta suggests that patients be at or as close to their goal weight as possible.
Is Body Contouring the Same as a Mommy Makeover?
In some respects, yes. A mommy makeover groups together certain body contouring procedures to address the body parts most often affected by pregnancy: breast, abdomen, hips, and buttocks. While body contouring itself can apply to many other areas on the body, a mommy makeover typically only addresses the areas affected by pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing.
Does Body Contouring Leave Scars?
Some body contouring procedures will result in scarring. However, the surgeon will make every effort possible to minimize these scars. In most cases, they will be hidden under bathing suit garments and within the natural folds of the skin. Some scarring may be evident, but these will lighten over time. Most patients feel the results of a body contouring procedure are worth it and the scars become secondary.
How Long Does Body Sculpting Last?
Given that one’s body contouring journey will be unique to each patient and their needs, there is not one answer to this question. For a more accurate estimation of how long your results will last, we suggest speaking to Dr. Lapuerta about which procedures will work best for you.
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