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For Texans looking to enhance their beauty with cheek implants, Houston is the place to be. Dr. Leo Lapuerta is a triple board certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience serving the Houston and surrounding areas. Patients interested in cheek augmentation, implants, or other facial enhancement procedures will find themselves in expert hands with Dr. Lapuerta.

What is Cheek Augmentation?

A cheek augmentation is an aesthetic procedure which provides a revitalized, fuller appearance and feel to their cheeks and face. With age, the cheeks can sag or lose volume. For some, flat or thin cheeks have been a lifelong worry that this procedure can address. Using either a fat transfer or an implant, the surgeon will add structure and fullness to the cheek area to enhance the facial contour, emphasize cheekbones, and visually balance the face shape.

Types of Cheek Augmentation Procedures

Surgical Cheek augmentation is achieved through one of two methods: a fat transfer or an implant. The type of cheek augmentation method will be determined by an individual’s unique circumstances, but the outcome is similar: increased volume and plumpness in the cheeks. For a noninvasive option, injectable fillers offer an additional approach to filling out the facial region.  

  • • Fat Transfer 

Many patients prefer this style of treatment due to its “two-for-one” nature. With this procedure, Dr. Lapuerta will harvest fat from a fuller part of your body before grafting it into your cheeks, resulting in both a trimmer figure and plumper cheeks. 

  • • Cheek Implants

Cheek implants are performed by surgically inserting a solid implant into the inside of the patient’s cheeks, often through the mouth. 

  • • Nonsurgical (Fillers)

For those hoping to add volume to their cheeks without any incisions, there are noninvasive options to consider. A number of facial fillers (like Juvederm®) have shown a fair amount of success as facial augmentation aids.

Cheek Implant Surgery: The Procedure

The specifics of a cheek implant surgery or procedure will vary depending on which is pursued. 

For those opting for a fat transfer, because of the potential for multiple procedures being involved, it may be a more involved procedure. Depending where fat is harvested from, there may be multiple incision sites and procedures. 

For those who choose a solid implant, the procedure is generally straightforward, similar to other implant surgeries. Dr. Lapuerta will prep you, and then perform incisions based on your unique anatomy — these will typically be through the eyelid or mouth for cheek implants. The incisions will then be closed with sutures or an adhesive material like surgical tape.

For a filler-based procedure, this quick and relatively painless is a short in-office injection; most patients are in and out in under an hour with little down-time. 

Cheek Implants and Enhancements: Recovery

Though your specific recovery will spend on both your chosen procedure as well as your medical history and particular circumstances, there are some elements which most patients can expect. For patients recovering from a surgical enhancement, recovery items like gauze and bandaging will be provided by Dr. Lapuerta. We also may recommend items like compression garments or elastic bandages. For those who have a mouth-based incision, recovery might include a temporary liquid diet. 

Following your surgery, Dr. Lapuerta will provide you with extensive information on recovery, and, in some cases, will write any necessary prescriptions to aid in this process.

Cost of Cheek Augmentation

Though the cost of your individual cheek augmentation procedure will depend on a number of factors, from your treatment of choice to your own bodily history, the average price in the US is currently $2,986. To get a more accurate quote of what you might pay for your cheek enhancement procedure, get in touch with Dr. Lapuerta.

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Cheek Augmentation FAQs

What Are Cheek Implants?
This term generally refers to a procedure which inserts solid implant material into one’s cheeks and facial area. Generally, this surgery is chosen to counteract the loss of facial volume which comes naturally with age.
How Much Do Cheek Implants Cost?
This will depend on the unique circumstances of the patient. However, the average price in 2019 was $2,986.
Are Cheek Implants Worth It?
Absolutely! Bringing volume and mass to the cheeks will give patients a youthful, revitalized look which is sure to lift their confidence.
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