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At Look Younger, we provide Texas patients with procedures to enhance your breasts, whether your goal is a lift, augmentation, or removal of previous breast implants. Our triple-board certified lead physician, Dr. Leo Lapuerta, has offered safe and high-quality breast implant removal surgery to clients across Houston, Katy, Pearland, and Piney Point for over 20 years.

Breast Implant Removal with Lift

As we go through life, our tastes and preferences will evolve. This is natural — it’s healthy to change and grow. Sometimes this means that a previously made decision doesn’t suit a person’s current life. This is sometimes the case with breast augmentation surgery; some of our patients have enjoyed their results for years before deciding that they’d prefer to go back to their original breast size. 

Some breast implant removal candidates express concern over losing the perkiness they’ve become accustomed to with their implants. This can easily be addressed, with a breast lift as a simple solution following implant removal. Patients will enjoy the same youthful perkiness they loved having from their implants, but with a more natural appearance.

Breast Implant Removal Surgery Procedure

The implant removal procedure is a fairly straightforward one. First, prospective patients will be asked to visit their nearest Look Younger clinic for a consultation to discuss their goals, medical history, and ask any questions in a conversation with Dr. Lapuerta. Together you will determine a plan for your surgery, and at the point a surgery date can be confirmed. 

On the day of their procedure, patients will be given either an intravenous or general anaesthetic. Dr. Lapuerta will then make incisions on either the iframmarary fold, or around the areola — this will depend on the individual patient and their unique anatomy. From there, he will operate before closing the incisions with tape, clips, sutures, or adhesives, depending on the circumstances.

Breast Implant Removal Recovery

Though the breast implant removal surgery recovery process is slightly different for everybody, there are common trends — you’ll leave surgery with bandages or dressings at the procedure site, and drains are also sometimes placed. Depending on your recovery, Dr. Lapuerta may also provide post-surgical bras or compression garments to assist in the healing process. Patients will be expected to protect their healing incisions during this time.

As we mentioned, recovery from this procedure will vary greatly depending on the patient’s own circumstances. During a consultation, patients will discuss a recovery plan with Dr. Lapuerta, so they know what to expect in the weeks following their surgery. Patients will also be expected to return for follow-up appointments after the surgery is complete.

What To Expect After Breast Implant Removal

Though they will be able to resume regular activities well before then, it might be a full year before patients are fully healed and showing results from their  breast implant removal surgery.

It is important for patients to note that their post-surgical breasts might not look the same as the ones they had before implants. The shape or volume may be different, and the patient might also notice indentations. This is often due to scar tissue from the initial breast implant surgery. 

In rare cases, implant removal patients can experience respiratory or cardiovascular complications following their procedure. In these cases, medical attention is necessary.

Cost of a Houston Breast Implant Removal

The cost of a breast implant removal surgery will depend on a number of factors and is quite variable as a result. However, 2019 stats from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that, on average, patients pay around $2,641 for the procedure — but bear in mind that this does not include potentially-crucial expenses like anesthetics, facility and surgeon fees, prescriptions, garments, or testing.

For a more accurate quote of their individual surgery, patients should schedule a consultation with Dr. Lapuerta.

Schedule Your Breast Implant Removal Consultation Today!

Patients considering a breast implant removal surgery are invited to contact Dr. Laperuta for a confidential and free consultation. He will work with you to put together the best surgical plan to help you meet your aesthetic goals!

Breast Implant Removal FAQs

Why Remove Breast Implants?
Many patients choose to have implants removed because they would simply prefer a smaller chest. However, there are a number of medical reasons which drive patients to remove their implants. Some choose this surgery because the scar tissue around their initial implants has hardened and causes discomfort. In other cases, the removal is necessary because the implant has begun to deteriorate — this causes silicon to leak and hardened scar tissue. Finally, it is important to note that surgeons recommend an implant removal or exchange every 10-15 years.
What Do Breasts Look Like After Implants Are Removed?
Breast implant removal results will vary. Elements like implant size, as well as condition of remaining breast tissue, will have an effect on final results.
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