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Dermabrasion Houston: An Overview

If you’re a central Texan looking to refresh your skin, you’re in luck. Our cosmetic surgery facilities are located in Houston, Katy, and Pearland. Dr. Leo Lapuerta is a trusted physician offering skin rejuvenation treatments for patients desiring a smoother, younger complexion. One of the most popular skin treatments offered is our dermabrasion procedure — here’s why.

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"I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr.Lapuerta and his staff. The professionalism from every member of his staff is on point and they make you feel right at home. My husband actually accompanied me to my procedure for a revision breast augmentation and lift he did magic all the pain from the previous surgery is gone I’m finally getting back my confidence and self-esteem after 1yr of being botched.I couldn’t be more Thankful I highly recommend him God bless him and family & facility!-Jacqueline almaguer"

How Dermabrasion Works: A Primer

Dermabrasion is a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation procedure that decreases fine wrinkles and smoothens other surface irregularities, giving the skin a softer appearance. This is accomplished through a controlled method of surgical scraping. 

The dermabrasion procedure is somewhat similar to a chemical peel, which is also available at our Houston skincare treatment center. There are key differences between the two procedures, however: dermabrasion uses surgical tools (a rotating brush or shaving instrument) to remove the top layer of skin, while a chemical peel relies on a caustic solution which is rubbed into the skin. Both techniques result in a smoother complexion.

Dermabrasion Procedure Technique

So, what happens during the dermabrasion procedure and what exactly does it impact? A dermabrasion facial treatment can go as deep as the dermis layer of skin, depending on the extent of the skin irregularity being treated. With deeper dermabrasion treatments, there may be minor bleeding. Due to the slightly invasive nature of this procedure, local anesthesia is used. This lasts anywhere from 1-2 hours and is generally performed in the office.

What to Expect During a Dermabrasion Procedure

During the procedure, the skin is prepared with cryogenic spray, which is a cooling substance that freezes the skin. This firms the skin, allowing the burring process — controlled surgical scraping — to be easier and more effective. The chilled skin is stretched slightly, before being brushed back and forth with the and the rough end of the dermabrasion tool. Following the procedure, your doctor may apply a healing ointment (such as petroleum jelly) and topical antiseptics to soothe the skin. Finally, the treated area will be bandaged for protection.

What to Expect After a Dermabrasion Procedure

Patients must expect that the treated area will be red and swollen for about 10-14 days. Peeling will take place and could last up to a full week. The new skin will look pink and gradually fade to a more natural skin color after a few weeks. It is critical that the patient strictly adheres to post-treatment care, including an avoidance of sun exposure, to ensure proper skin healing.

Dermabrasion Cost

As with most aesthetic procedures, the price of a dermabrasion facial will depend on the size of the area being treated, as well as the number of sessions it takes to attain the desired results. That being said, dermabrasion tends to cost around $100 for small areas and $200 for larger areas.

The Best Dermabrasion Houston Has to Offer

Houston’s favorite plastic surgeon, Dr. Leo Lapuerta, has performed over 20,000 aesthetic procedures over his 20+ years as a physician. Whether he’s performing reconstructive surgery, carefully injecting fillers, or creating lush, smooth skin through dermabrasion, all of his work is done with pride and expertise. He will answer all of your questions, address any concerns, and make sure that whichever procedure(s) you choose, they are right for you and your unique needs.


If you are curious about trying a dermabrasion facial (or any cosmetic procedure), contact us to book your consultation with Dr. Lapuerta today. We can’t wait to help you meet your goals!


  • Recovery Time
  • 1-2 Days
  • Average Procedure Time
  • 30 Minutes - 1 Hour
  • Post-op Follow-up
  • May Require Multiple Sessions
  • Procedure Recovery Location
  • Outpatient

Dermabrasion FAQs

What is Dermabrasion?
Dermabrasion is a minimally-invasive procedure which involves temporality freezing, and then surgically scraping skin, in order to create a soft, youthful-looking, and smooth complexion. It is performed under a local anesthetic.
Dermabrasion for Scars: Is it Helpful for Acne Marks?
Dermabrasion is often used as a treatment for facial scars, whether they are from acne, injury, or medical reasons. However, those looking to target acne scars should know that if they currently have a breakout, or have taken related topical meds with isotretinoin in the last year, this isn’t the right time to try dermabrasion. Furthermore, certain marks, like some keloids, or scars caused by burns or radiation, are not good candidates for dermabrasion. If you are unsure whether your scars might benefit from dermabrasion, speak to Dr. Lapuerta for more information.
Who is an Ideal Candidate for Dermabrasion?
Dermabrasion is an appealing procedure for anybody who wants to improve the appearance of their skin and give it a more youthful look. Those who wish to reduce the extent of their wrinkles may choose to try a dermabrasion facial. Furthermore, many folks with skin irregularities may consider the benefits of dermabrasion. It can be an effective treatment for those who have fine wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or any abnormal skin growth.
Who Should Avoid Dermabrasion?
There are some precautions for those who have specific skin conditions, or those who are on certain acne medications. The doctor will evaluate the patient’s condition before any treatment and inquire about any medical case that may be present, or medications that have been taken within the last year.
How Does Dermabrasion Affect Freckles?
Freckles are an overproduction of melanin in the skin and common to those who have a fair complexion. It becomes visible due to extreme exposure to the sun. Although dermabrasion can remove the top layers of skin where freckles are contained, there are other alternatives specifically for freckle removal such as a chemical peel or laser treatment to minimize skin freckling.
Is Dermabrasion or a Chemical Peel Better for Me?
Dermabrasion and chemical peels both refinish the skin to promote new skin growth. Both can be mildly or aggressively invasive depending on how many layers are involved. The only difference between the two treatments is the method used in achieving the intended results. Dermabrasion uses a surgical tool that gently scrapes the skin while a chemical peel uses solutions, usually acid based, to attain a similar result. Dermabrasion does better in removing small acne scars as there is more control on which tiny spots need more scraping. If you are having trouble deciding which procedure is better for your needs, it is a good idea to consult with Dr. Lapuerta. He will talk you through both options, as well as look at your own unique details and history to help make a choice which suits you best.
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