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Plastic Surgery for Women in Houston, TX

Plastic surgery for women has continued to advance and gain in popularity over the years. Today’s procedures can enhance the way you look and feel about yourself. Dr. Leo Lapuerta provides a wide range of surgical procedures to get the body you want or regain the one you once had.

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How Plastic Surgery Works for Women

Plastic surgery can enhance certain areas of the body, like the buttocks and breasts while minimizing other areas with liposuction or a tummy tuck. These procedures can improve areas that have changed due to aging, such as with a breast, arm lift, or thigh lift. Some of the procedures can be combined to take care of multiple issues with a single surgery.

Why Do Women Get Plastic Surgery for Their Body?

Generally, women choose plastic surgery for their bodies for one of two reasons. They may want to get back the body they once had before pregnancy and childbirth or prior to weight gain. They may choose a surgical procedure to fight the signs of aging that occur on the body as a result and regain that youthful look.

The second reason women tend to get plastic surgery is to get the look they have always wanted. Perhaps they wish they had larger breasts or a fuller rear. Maybe their stomach has never been as toned as they would like.

Most Commonly Requested Body Plastic Surgery for Women

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons released a report in 2022 on which procedures had either been performed or were scheduled for the year. Liposuction was at the top of the list as the most popular procedure requested and performed. This continues the post-COVID trend of women looking to lose weight and inches rather than focusing just on enhancing one body part.

Breast augmentation took second for most popular body plastic surgery. The tummy tuck and breast lift surgery came in third. Overall, the number of procedures ranges from nearly 50,000 to well over 150,000, showing how popular plastic surgery for women continues to be.

Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women’s Body

Plastic surgery procedures for women tackle a long list of issues and can provide dramatic changes in appearance. Liposuction is one common procedure designed to target trouble areas that didn’t respond to diet and exercise. Breast augmentation and breast lifts can enhance a woman’s shape, while breast reduction can alleviate back problems.

Many women are interested in tightening and toning areas with a tummy tuck, arm lift and thigh lift. They may want to increase the shape or size of their rear with a Brazilian butt lift. Dr. Lapuerta works with patients to help them decide which procedure or combination of procedures will provide the results they want.

Best Body Plastic Surgery for Women

The best plastic surgery for women who want to improve or enhance their bodies is the procedure that meets their needs. Dr. Lapuerta will consult with patients to determine which areas they want to work on and which procedure is the best to get those results.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery for Women

Plastic surgery has many benefits. While the boost in self-confidence is one of the most obvious benefits, it isn’t the only one. Health benefits are another reason that many women turn to plastic surgery. Breast reduction can help alleviate issues with the back, while a tummy tuck or thigh lift can remove excess skin after weight loss that rubs and causes discomfort. Each woman has her own goals for choosing plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Recovery for Women

Recovery from plastic surgery can take several weeks, depending on the type of procedure you have done. The doctor may have you wear compression garments to reduce swelling and improve recovery time. You may be limited on activities for several days or weeks. It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks before you can return to work.

The first few days of most body plastic surgery procedures are the roughest, which is why it’s a good idea to have someone who can stay with you and help you. The doctor will prescribe pain medication to help ease any discomfort you may experience. You will notice the pain begin to lessen in a few days as long as you focus on resting and following any restrictions.

It may be several weeks before you are allowed to lift heavy objects or perform any strenuous exercise, especially with procedures like breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. The doctor will advise you not to sleep on your back after a Brazilian butt lift for several weeks.

Most procedures allow you to see the results as soon as the swelling goes down. However, it can be several months before final results are evident as everything shifts into place.

Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos for Women

To get an idea of the difference a procedure can make, you can view the before and after photos. You will notice the change before liposuction or breast augmentation and after. Looking at these photos also helps you feel more confident in Dr. Lapuerta’s expertise.

Why Choose Dr. Leo Lapuerta for Women’s Plastic Surgery in Texas?

Dr. Leo Lapuerta is a triple-board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed these procedures for more than two decades. He has performed thousands of surgeries, helping to fulfill women’s goals for their bodies. As a certified surgeon, Dr. Lapuerta keeps up with continuing education to stay abreast of the latest techniques for plastic surgery.

Contact Us Today for More Information

If you’re ready to make a change with your body or you want more information about plastic surgery for women, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Lapuerta. Contact us today to set up an appointment and begin your journey to looking and feeling your best.


  • Recovery Time
  • 2-3 Weeks
  • Average Procedure Time
  • 4-6 Hours
  • Post-op Follow-up
  • 1 Week
  • Procedure Recovery Location
  • Outpatient

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

Who is the best candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?
Anyone who wants to change the shape of their buttocks and is in reasonably good health is an ideal candidate for a BBL. They need to have enough fat elsewhere on their body for liposuction. For the best results, they should have minimum sagging. The patient should have reasonable expectations of the surgery.
How long does the BBL procedure take?
The time can vary from around three to six hours, depending on how much liposuction is needed. The doctor will factor in how many layers need to be added to provide an estimate for surgery.
Do you need to spend the night in the hospital for bbl surgery?
A BBL is considered an outpatient procedure, which means you would go home the same day as the surgery. You are given general anesthesia, which will require you to be in recovery for one to two hours. If there are complications or your doctor has any concerns, you can be admitted for an overnight stay.
How long is the recovery process?
The initial recovery process takes around six weeks for the fat to graft to the buttocks and the swelling to go down. The doctor will recommend that the patient stay off their back and buttocks for the first six weeks. Even after the swelling has subsided, the doctor may recommend you sit on a pillow until the healing is complete.
How Much Does A BBL Cost In Houston?
The cost of a BBL in Houston can range from less than $5,000 to more than $12,000. The exact cost will depend on each individual’s goals and how many donor sites are needed to transfer the fat to the buttocks.
When will I see the final results after bbl surgery?
Swelling goes down by around six weeks, but it can take up to three to six months before you see the final results. At this point, the fat deposits have settled into place, and your buttocks should look natural.
Are the BBL results permanent?
Results for a Brazilian butt lift are considered permanent because they don’t need to be touched up or repaired. As you continue to age, your body will change. Your desired results will last longer if you don’t have any major weight gain or weight loss. Regular exercise will help keep the muscles in your buttocks firm to enhance the results.
Who Is The Best BBL Surgeon In Houston?
As one of the first plastic surgeons in Houston to offer the Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Leo Lapuerta’s experience is extensive, providing the skill and safety to achieve the shape, size, and contour patient’s desire. Known across the region for his attention to detail, professional and caring demeanor, and decades of experience, Dr. Lapuerta has certainly earned his reputation as the best plastic surgeon in Houston — whether he’s performing BBL, a facelift, or another procedure.
How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?
Though result longevity will be different for everyone, most BBL patients report that their butt lift lasted for quite a long time — even for several years.
Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Hurt?
Like many surgeries, there is a bit of pain to be expected alongside a Brazilian butt lift. However, Dr. Lapuerta makes a concerted effort to produce the most comfortable experience possible for his patients. All of our BBL surgeries are performed under a general anesthetic, so patients will be asleep during the procedure. Though recovery can find you feeling sore and swollen, it usually won’t last for more than a few weeks.
Are Brazilian Butt Lifts Safe?
As with any surgery, it is crucial to work with a reputable and experienced physician, like Dr. Lapuerta, to ensure the best and safest care. In general, the BBL provides a lower risk for infection than silicon-based butt implants. However, there are still risks of serious side effects, including a potentially-fatal fat embolism in the lungs or heart. If you have any concerns, we highly recommend having a conversation with Dr. Lapuerta about your unique health and history.
Do Brazilian Butt Lifts Leave A Bumpy Appearance?
When injections are done correctly, the result will look and feel natural. During the procedure, additional liposuction may be used to help smooth out uneven skin, as well as ensure that the surface has a correct and even contour. It is important to find a reputable and highly-skilled surgeon with a special expertise in performing the Brazilian butt lift surgery.
Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Use Fat Transfer or Implants?
A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer, which is preferred by many patients who simply do not want a foreign object in their body.
Can You Get a BBL If You Are Skinny?
You can get a Brazilian butt lift if you are skinny or have a BMI under 25. The procedure is often referred to as a skinny BBL. It differs from a regular BBL because additional donor sites other than the abdomen may be needed to get enough fat tissue to transfer.
What’s the Difference Between a BBL and a Skinny BBL?
The main difference between a BBL and a skinny BBL is the location of the donor sites for fat transfer. With a traditional Brazilian butt lift, fat tissue is removed from the abdomen to be purified and injected into the buttocks. With a skinny BBL, the surgeon may need to look for fat in the back, trunk, and the thighs. The buttocks may not have as much volume added in a skinny BBL, but they can improve shape and definition.
Can You Get a BBL with No Fat?
Some body fat is necessary for a Brazilian butt lift. However, a skinny BBL is the ideal choice if someone has minimal fat or a BMI under 25. In this case, the surgeon will look for other areas on the body where some excess fat is stored. How much definition is added to the buttocks will depend on the amount of fat that can be retrieved.
How Will Weight Gain Affect A Brazilian Butt Lift?
Weight fluctuations can compromise the results of the surgery. For the best long-term results, patients should maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.
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