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Cosmetic Surgery Renew You Package

Giving birth to a child is considered one of the most joyous occasions a woman will experience in her lifetime,but with childbirth often come changes to the body that are not so flattering. Some of these changes to your body may leave you feeling unattractive and depressed. With the advances in cosmetic surgery today, there is no reason why you have to feel miserable about yourself after bringing your baby into this world.

Following childbirth, women often find themselves with excess weight they did not have before pregnancy and find it very difficult to lose this weight. Abdomens are stretched, breasts sag, and no amount of exercise can get rid of excess tissue and sagging breasts. Also, with the abdominal muscles often compromised, no amount of sit-ups or other abdominal exercises can prevent the abdominal area from protruding. Women who had Caesarean sections are frequently left with annoying and unsightly overhanging fatty tissue above the “C” section scar.

Houston Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Lapuerta and his highly trained and professional staff offer his patients a Renew You Package in which women may have any one or combination of the following procedures:

Giving birth often results in body changes that may adversely affect the body image of the new mother. Unlike decades ago, when women just had to accept post-partum figure changes, today there are several exciting options in cosmetic surgery to help you get back (or even improve) your pre-pregnancy body. Fortunately, for today’s busy new mother, many cosmetic surgery procedures can be done on an outpatient basis, which means you are back at home with your bundle of joy the same day.

Many new mothers worry that breastfeeding may alter the shape of their breasts. Actually, breast changes occur during pregnancy in preparation of nurturing your child. Milk glands in the breasts swell and replace fatty tissue, and after childbirth, the milk glands shrink causing the breasts to sag. Cosmetic surgery offers natural-looking breast implants that give your breasts a youthful contour, and breast augmentation can be done on an outpatient basis with local or general anesthesia with stitches being removed in about one week.

If you would like to learn more about our “Renew You” package and what procedures and treatments are offered, please contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Leo Lapuerta, Jr. today to schedule your initial consultation.